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SiteSync Review

Backup your site in 3 steps

Hello, everyone. Just a few days ago when I wrote a review for JVZoo Academy, the weather was burning hot. And now when I’m trying to write this SiteSync review, it rains like hell. How coincident!

Luckily, I got a demo video this time so we can have a peek at the system. Let’s see how it work

3 simple steps:

  1. Choose the way you want to backup.
  2. Select the frequency.
  3. Have a cup of coffee and relax.

As you can see, it’s simple and everything can be done it a few minutes. You don’t even need coding skill nor knowledge about MySQL. Say goodbye to complex manual backup; it’s time for a new era.

SiteSync Review – Basic information:


  • The official website is Open. Neil will pick 3 winners LIVE on the webinar, so make sure you’re there in time.
  • Pre-launch opens – Friday, 19th May 2017
  • There’ll be a webinar on 21st May 2017 at 3 PM ET/NY, you will want to join it for additional information from the author.
  • Launching on – Monday, 22nd May 2017
Product name SiteSync
Product type Web app
Author Neil Napier
Target niche Backup, Website Management
Starting price $27 – 30 days money back guarantee
Skill Requirement No


What is SiteSync:

SiteSync is an automated cloud-based backup, download and restore tool. It can work with WordPress (with the help of WP SiteSync plugin), HTML sites and other sites in an FTP environment (Joomla, Magento, etc.)

Why should I choose SiteSync?

Quiz: A not-so-lucky day, your site disappears without any reason. What can you do?


Unless you had backed it up.

If you have a website, you would probably hear lots of people talking about backup and how to do it. You get the idea why backup your site is so important. But when they explain how to do it, it starts to feel like you’re listening to alien language. You start to follow the process carefully, step by step, then things mess up, and you’re back to square one (or worse, you lost everything and have to start it all over again)

SiteSync Review - Backup -

I had a bad experience when I move my site from shared hosting to VPS. I chose a self-managed VPS cause it has a fair price and I can do whatever I like with it. The idea was good till I tried to transfer the data from the old site to the new one. There was no Cpanel. I had to work with Linux through a console window. I didn’t know a single Linux code before. Why no one told me about that???

It took me one day to set up and one more day to fix little things. I immediately chose daily backup after that experience. Things worked fine then. It’s just I have to pay extra 20% fee each month, and I don’t like that idea.

The first reason why I choose SiteSync is that it has a one-time fee. You pay for it once, and you can use it until the end of time.

The next reason is its simple process. I can backup my whole site with a few clicks.

SiteSync Review - Easy Backup 2

Moreover, you have access to the maximum of five sites (or 50 if you get the Elite plan).

Before I write this SiteSync Review, I used my VPS hosting’s default backup function. If I keep using that old method with 20% additional fee, $10 each site, I’ll have to pay $10 more/ Each month – a big different. This new app surely will save my budget.

Now, if you decide to backup manually, surely you’ll need the coding skill; but how many sites can you back up each day? Let’s say you have five sites, 3 of them are your money machine, so you have to backup daily, the other two need to backup every week. That mean you have to do the manual work at least three times a day and 23 times a week. It’s not a good idea.

Not to mention you can backup the wrong version and you can restore the wrong version too. That’s why the automatic backup function is an important feature of SiteSync. Personally, I think it’s the backbone of the whole system.

You can even choose the frequency like this:

SiteSync Review - Easy Backup 3

SiteSync Review – Pricing, Plans and Discount

Early Access: The price below is for Early Access and will only work until 2 PM, 22nd May. After that time, it will rise quickly. Get it now for the best price!!

SiteSync Elite

$37One Time
$37One Time
  • For ANY 50 sites (maximum)
  • Work with FTP, HTML and Wordpress site
  • 50GB Storage
  • For Advance User

SiteSync Basic

$27One Time
$27One Time
  • For ANY 05 sites (maximum)
  • Work with FTP, HTML and Wordpress site
  • 10GB Storage
  • Best Price/Value

SiteSync Pro (Upgrade)

$67Per Year
$67Per Year
  • Unlimitted Sites
  • Automatic Notification
  • 24x7 Website Monitoring
  • 5 Team Member License


The Basic plan only cost $27, and it is suited for any personal user. You will have a 10GB Storage and only have to pay once. The Elite plan cost $10 more but you get extra 50GB storage and access to 50 sites, it is a bit toward advance user.

But in my opinion, if you really need to backup a lot of websites, I suggest you upgrade to SiteSync Pro (+$67/year). It has unlimited access and even has automated notifications. If your site is down for some reason, you’ll receive notification immediately.

The part I like the most about the Pro version is that you will have five member license (~ $13.4/year/member). It’s a fair price, and the team member can change at any time, which mean you can have a flexible team and don’t have to buy 5 basic plans.

Cons and Tips for SiteSync user

While this product has many pros, we still get some cons here

  • You will have only 10GB with the basic plan. It will be trouble if you’re having multiple sites or site with lots of data (photos, videos).
  • Upgrade to Pro will cost you the same amount no matter if you take the Basic or Elite plan.


If you’re going to upgrade to Pro, get the Basic plan first and then upgrade it for the best price/value.

Is there any other useful feature?

Yes, there are. You can choose an addition plan name VideoSync if you want to back up your video channel. 

Early Access: It is only $87 for one-time payment until midnight, 22nd May.

SiteSync Review - OTO 2 monthly- LeonardReview.comSiteSync Review - Button SiteSync Review - OTO 2 onetime - LeonardReview.comSiteSync Review - Button

In case you have a lot of data need to be stored, you can get more storage with this

SiteSync Review - OTO 3 monthly- LeonardReview.comSiteSync Review - Button SiteSync Review - OTO 3 onetime -

I suggest you choose the 1TB plan cause it has better price/value and you can backup date more frequently with it.

Wait, who is the author?

I think we should buy item base on their function. But if you are so curious about SiteSync’s author, then here he is:

SiteSync Review - Neil Napier -

Neil Napier

He is a professional online marketer. His company is working on a big suite name Sync Manage which SiteSync is a part of it. They are planning integrations with other hot stuff such as InstaSuite and AdConnect as well. They even have a plan to backup ClickFunnels pages too. So there are lots of interesting development you can see in the future.

SiteSync Review - AdConnect

So I’ve finished my SiteSync review. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me via Thank you for your time and see you in my next review.

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Future Potential
The Price

S Class

I suggest you get the Basic plan for personal use. You can always upgrade to Pro version later.

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